Infographic art wall for the OkAgro conference



Top Lead agency prepared 26 meters of educational infographics for the largest agricultural business conference OkAgro, which was placed on the walls of the exhibition hall where the conference was held in the center of Kyiv.

This is the first infographic art panel in Ukraine.

One 18-meter-long infographic wall explains:
- history: how agrarians stimulated the development of mankind, what positive consequences breakthroughs in agriculture had for society;
- trends: how the agricultural industry in Ukraine has become the largest industry in the economy;
- opportunities: how modern farmers can dramatically increase efficiency and transform themselves so that both their business and the entire economy grow.

On another 8-meter-long wall, we placed an interactive infographic. On it, the conference participants showed how they see the future of agribusiness. It was the first ever interactive voting using infographics.